You’ve got your eye on a position at the company that is higher up than your current position. You are a good employee, but how do you get noticed for a promotion? Here are seven tips on how to get a promotion:

  1. Make Your Goals Known. Let your boss or manager know that you are working towards a promotion. You want to make your presence known as a candidate for the position. You might even get some insight from your boss on qualities they are looking for in a candidate.
  2. Stay Positive. Being an employee who can handle stress while keeping a positive outlook is an ideal candidate for ANY position. Know what you can handle and show that confidence to hiring managers.
  3. Learn From Other’s Mistakes. Watch what your co-workers do and learn from their mistakes. If a manager has all their employees making the same mistakes, they know their team isn’t working together or learning from each other.
  4. Own Your Own Projects. Nothing shows more initiative than taking on a project from the beginning and following it through to the end. This shows not only that you get the job done, but you are dedicated to producing quality work.
  5. Problem Solve. We all know that a manager hates dealing with an issue. Take the lead and find solutions to problems before they get out of hand. Handling issues early and often can keep things on track and make you look like a huge asset.
  6. Please Clients and Make Money. Making your clients happy is key. They will be the prominent people your hiring manager speaks to about your quality of work. Satisfied clients usually mean they will hire you for future projects and help the company make more money.
  7. Be Punctual and Organized. Managers want an employee who is on time and is put together. More than ever, this is the time to be on time to work and meetings. Keeping things organized keeps you a step ahead. You can anticipate things, and that can make things easier for your manager.

By following these tips, you can really be ahead of the game. Don’t over-stress yourself with too much work, but remember to keep pushing forward and try your very best. And… Good Luck!