Many of us have them, desk jobs. You sit all day long working hard on your computer, on phone calls, in meetings, and more. All that sitting is not good for the body. Here are six ways to stay active when working a desk job:

  1. Walk at Lunch. During your lunch break, take the opportunity to go on a walk to get your body moving. Take some co-workers with you to make the walk more enjoyable. Since you’re always sitting, there will be plenty of time to eat while you work.
  2. Utilize a Stand-Up Desk. Stand-Up Desks have become popular in a more health-conscious world, and for a good reason. Standing desks have been said to increase energy, lower the possibility of weight gain, and reduce back pain.
  3. Desk Stretches. Sitting all day makes you stiff. Try adding some stretches at your desk during your day to loosen up the muscles and keep you from stiffing up.
  4. Schedule “Movement” Breaks with a Timer. When you are slammed with work, you typically forget to get up from your desk. You become “tied to your desk.” To help you remember, set a timer on your phone to remind you to move. If you are busy, this could even be getting up from your desk for 1 minute every 20 minutes. The movement will help your productivity as well.
  5. Use an Under the Desk Bicycle. While you spend the day typing away, you can keep your feet moving with pedals that go under your desk. You will be able to concentrate on your work and keep moving at the same time. Win-Win!
  6. Utilize Ankle Weights. Adding weight to your ankles seems silly, but it can be a simple way to “workout” while just walking around the office.

Sedentary jobs can leave people at risk for disease, pain, and health problems. But making some changes during work and outside of work to become more active will reduce those risks significantly.

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