The workdays are long and busy, even tedious at times.  It’s no fun, right? That is the way society has thought of work for many, many years. But things don’t have to be that way. Studies show that employees that have fun at work perform better at their jobs. Here are some of the reasons why having fun in the workplace is beneficial:

  • Fun Helps Bring Co-Workers Together. Maybe there has been some tension on your team that needs to be addressed; adding fun to the equation can help. Finding the fun and humor in activities together can help make the team even stronger.
  • Fun Boosts Morale. Fun=Happy. This is a pretty universal equation. When you have fun, you feel better and that will make you a better employee in the long run.
  • Fun Makes For More Productive Employees. When energy and morale are up, employees are more productive. A stressed, lonely, low-energy person will not give the same quality and quantity of work as an employee who has just had some fun.
  • Fun Helps Employees Learn More About Each Other’s Jobs. Knowing the ins and outs of your job is essential, but what about what your teammates do? Working on activities or making a meeting “fun” can help employees learn the most from each other.

Now that we know the benefits of fun in the workplace, let’s talk about some ways to add that fun to your own office!

  • After-Work Activities. Take the team out of the workplace and let them relax a bit. Sometimes the best kind of bonding happens outside of work, where there are fewer stressors.
  • Pizza Party Effect. In school, when the class did a good job, you were rewarded with a pizza party. Bring back those days by rewarding the team with something special for a job well done.
  • Know Your Team. You can’t know what people think is fun unless you know them.
  • Different Fun for Different Types of People. Not everyone is going to want to be a loud and social type of “fun” person. Some people like to play a game quietly because anything else might stress them out. Again, know your employees and what is best for each individual.
  • Online Games/Fun. Finding ways to connect online is not new, but it has become a more consistent means of communication because of Covid-19. There are so many apps, zoom, and other games that you can play with co-workers without even being in the same room.
  • Office Games/Fun. Keep a few games in the breakroom or have a weekly riddle to solve. Don’t waste too much time but just enough to keep everyone happy!

Please don’t go to the extremes of being unprofessional when it comes to fun, but make sure to add more fun to your job. The benefits alone are worth it. Plus, you get to have fun!

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