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Top 5 Platforms for Project Management

In a traditional fast pace work environment, competing project deadlines​ can be challenging to keep track of, especially for teams with various moving parts. To help alleviate this workflow overload, project management tools are the golden ticket. These platforms can help a project manager and their team complete assignments on time, allocate their budget​ and resources more efficiently, and identify obstacles, ensuring every project, big or small, produces the best results. Here are the top 5 project management platforms to help you optimize your projects​ for success.


Monday​ is an award-winning, highly sophisticated project management platform that helps teams streamline their workflow​ initiatives. This completely customizable software allows you to track and manage all your projects in one convenient location. From task automation​ to time tracking to document sharing, many wonderful features will make your team’s work experience simple and easy. Another feature of this platform is application integration, enabling you to integrate some of your favorite apps like PowerPoint, Teams, and Outlook.


Trello​ is the best for small teams and freelance professionals who want a simplistic project management tool without all the complex gizmos and buttons. Using the Kanban board style, this project management platform makes it easier for teams to customize, assign tasks, and navigate through each step until the entire project is complete. You can take various actions to customize your Trello board, like color coding​ your text, including files or images, and inviting your teams to collaborate​ in real-time, supporting a more positive and interactive working experience.


Smartsheet​ takes the classic spreadsheet​ format and expands it to provide a user-friendly platform, allowing real-time collaboration, advanced task automation, and work management capabilities. The spreadsheet interface lets you use data to inform your decisions, including the option to switch between various display views for your projects, like ​ ​ or card view. Smartsheet is one of the most customizable and affordable platforms, ensuring that any changes you make are easily accessible to your teammates.


Asana​ is a multi-view project management platform with a user-friendly interface, ensuring people of all skill levels​ can pick up the software quickly. Task and project management are streamlined for increased visibility and access, allowing you to switch between timeline, Kanban board, and list views of your projects. You can even track the progress of your projects as they develop, helping you remain aware of your projects’ ongoing status. With a comprehensive set of options and features to explore, this platform is beneficial for teams and individual professionals.


Looking for a project management platform to save money and improve your team’s productivity? Look no further than ClickUp. Despite only being around for five years, this platform has made a name for itself, thanks partly to the affordable price plans and interactive collaboration options. ClickUp has a lot going for it, such as four view styles, goal setting, and a 2-way calendar​ sync to eliminate confusion about who does what and when. This resource is one of the most affordable options on the market, especially for those on a tight budget.

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