The times they are a-changing, especially during a worldwide pandemic. Before COVID-19, your first day might look something like this: orientation, introduction to the team, set-up office computer, team meeting, then team lunch at a local restaurant.

For most companies, this “first-day” schedule has completely changed. WFH (work from home) became a popular acronym during 2020 because many people now work remotely.

So, how do we navigate the first day at a new position without going into the office? Here are a few tips to make your first day, your best day!

  1. Connecting with Co-workers: Getting to know someone through email can be tough. Make sure to learn everyone on the team’s name and what they do; you may need to utilize them in the future. Suggest a Zoom call with each person individually. You never know what knowledge they may have for you on your first day.
  2. Learn the technology: Before your first day, make sure you have all the technical tools mastered. Practice using Zoom with a friend. Find out what tools your company uses to stay connected. Do your research on why these tools are important and best practices for their use.
  3. Wi-Fi connection: Super important! A good Wi-Fi connection could make or break your day. Check your connection and make sure you have a good provider. Have a backup location with good Wi-Fi in case of a bad connection at home.
  4. Avoid distractions: You are at your job. Keep your space distraction-free and avoid items you normally would not use at work (TV, snacks, loud music, podcasts, etc.). Have a plan for your furry and non-furry children before you start work (they can be the biggest distraction of all).
  5. Get Dressed: And not just from the waist up! Wake up and start your day as if you were headed into the office. Getting dressed will keep you in a professional state of mind all day long.

Keeping things professional and being prepared for the day is the best way to start ANY first day!