Thirty seconds. That’s the average amount of time that a hiring manager reviews a resume. In thirty seconds, your resume has to make a statement that gives a hiring manager a reason to give your credentials serious consideration. Truth is, for some people, finding a new job is as easy as letting one colleague know they’re on the market, but for others, it can take weeks, even months, to line something up.  With a busy life, how does a person find the time and energy to make sure they get their thirty seconds in front of the right person? You can start by building a relationship with a recruiter you like and feel comfortable working with.

You might ask yourself; does it matter who I send my resume to? The answer is yes and here’s why.

  1. Timing is important. Job openings open and close quickly, so it’s important that the recruiter you are working with gets your resume in front of the right person as soon as possible. If the recruiter you are working with is unresponsive or difficult to communicate with, it might cost you a great opportunity.
  2. You should be in the driver’s seat. It is your career on the line and your credentials that are being shared with a potential hiring manager. With this truth, you should be working with a recruiter who will respect your wishes, offer sound suggestions and advice, and act quickly on your behalf.
  3. First Impressions. Resume writing is most likely not your area of expertise. When you choose a recruiter to work with, make sure that person is adept at reviewing resumes and offering assistance. You should feel comfortable asking your recruiter questions about the content and formatting of your resume, and your recruiter should have helpful insight and good judgement.
  4. Let’s face it, some people you like almost instantly, and others you don’t. In many cases, there is no apparent reason for feeling one way or the other. But there is such a thing as chemistry. Make sure the recruiter you work with is someone you can talk, text, or email with ease.

Working with a recruiter, the right recruiter, should make your life easier, and allow you to have access to opportunities you may not find on your own.


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