People “ghost” each other all the time in personal relationships. “Ghosting” is the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone suddenly and without explanation, withdrawing from all communication.

Ghosting is considered a rude thing to do to someone, but ghosting a potential employer could be detrimental to your future career. Here are some reasons to keep in good standing with potential employers and why you should NEVER ghost them:

  1. Companies Talk- There are associations for all types of business, including management. You don’t know who is connected to whom, and what discussions are held between companies. It’s a small world. Best to be professional 100% of the time.
  2. Companies Merge- Merging is becoming more and more common these days. When you ghost an employer, you set a bad name for yourself. If the company merges with another, the new company will know about your ghosting unprofessional past, and you can forget about being hired.
  3. Hiring Managers Switch Jobs- Just like anyone, a hiring manager may move to another company. You best believe they will not forget being ghosted by you previously. They will not see you as a professional candidate, and most likely will consider someone else for the position.
  4. Companies Have Many Great Jobs- You ghosted the employer about a specific position at the company. Do you want to ruin your chances of EVER getting a job with that company? There might be other jobs that you become interested in at some point in the future. Don’t completely torch the bridge.
  5. Someone Recommended You For The Job- If this is the case, by ghosting the employer, you are tarnishing the reputation, and potentially the relationship, your colleague has with that company. Don’t be inconsiderate when a colleague has done a favor for you.
  6. It’s Good to Be Polite- Even if you aren’t interested in the position, be a good person and speak up. Let the employer know that you are not interested in the position, but you appreciate their time. Being polite goes a long way.