You went through all the interviews, and it came down to you and one other person. You then received the dreaded e-mail or call saying, “Unfortunately, we are going in a different direction.” We have all been there, and it’s absolutely no fun. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are not chosen for a job.

 It’s okay to be sad.

You were probably excited to be progressing through the vetting process, and you were so close to getting the job. Take some time to take a deep breath and feel bummed for a minute. It’s okay to be disappointed.

 The decision wasn’t all about you.

This might be hard to think about when you feel blue, but the company chose the person they thought would be the best fit for the position. That doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t make a great fit somewhere else.

Rejection can be a powerful tool.

Don’t let rejection push you down. Use it to fuel a fire in you, and sharpen your skills. Don’t overanalyze. Rejection is challenging, but it’s also the time we learn the most about ourselves.

Don’t stop looking for the right fit.

You’ve already achieved so much to get to where you are, so you shouldn’t stop now. Focus on your goals and continue with your search for the best job for you.

 Don’t forget to send a letter or e-mail of thanks.

Reaching out graciously after getting rejected is a sign of good character that they will not forget. This keeps the bridge open for other possible opportunities with the company.


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