How many times have you rewritten your resume? Is your preferred method to dust off an older version of your resume and update it from time to time? Either way, your resume says a lot about you, and a well-written resume just might be the ticket to a new job.

Here are reasons why a well-written resume can make all the difference:

  1. Shows your Skills– This is the first thing a potential employer sees when they assess your credentials to make a decision about your suitability. Displaying your skills in an error-free neat format, and showcasing how you can be an asset to a company, is crucial.
  2. Experience- Your past experience and track record can be a projection of your future success. Make sure to layout your past experience in chronological order, including dates for each position listed, and provide details about the work you did.
  3. Attention Grabber- Employers will see dozens of resumes a day, so make sure your resume stands out from the rest. A well-written resume will catch the eye because it is your voice and your voice is unique. Don’t worry about adding a flashy layout or using different fonts within the resume. Keep it professional, keep it simple, and put in the work to make your resume the best it can be.
  4. Portfolio- Creating a portfolio to accompany your resume is a good decision if you are a professional that has a body of past work that you would like to show off. There are many ways to present a portfolio, but many choose to create a website. A portfolio becomes another place to show who you are, and what you can offer a company.
  5. Right-Fit for the Position- Well-written, attention-grabbing, detailed resumes will show the employer that you are a great candidate for an interview. An interview is your next step in the process, and your awesome resume just got your foot in the door!

Always remember there are programs and companies that can assist you in making your resume really shine. Starting with a well-written resume is a substantial first step towards securing a new job!


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