The line can be very thin between where work ends, and your personal life begins. Setting boundaries between the two is necessary to ensure that work does not consume your entire life. Where do you begin to set these boundaries? Here are some ways to get started in separating your work life from your personal life:

  1. Designate Working Hours. This begins setting boundaries between when you say “work is complete for the day.” Setting hours for personal time is essential in making sure you don’t bleed work into your personal life.
  2. Assign Tasks to Others. A workaholic can want to take on all tasks themselves, but this is not realistic or time-efficient. Outsource some tasks to other individuals in order to complete more work and make time for your life.
  3. Utilize Tools. There are so many wonderful tools in the age of technology to help keep you organized and ahead of schedule. Utilize these tools to better your work experience and simplify your life.
  4. No Notifications, Emails, or Calls. Speaking of technology, when you have completed your “Designated working hours,” make sure to turn off all notifications on your phone, tablet, and computer. This is time for family, fun, and life goals, not for work.
  5. Be Flexible. Not every day is going to be easy to cut work off. Understand that being flexible is part of the balance but remember not to get swept away in a task that can wait until the morning.
  6. Stay Accountable. So you worked overtime three days in a row? Today, don’t make that mistake and stay accountable for keeping the balance. Pay attention to how much you work and stay on top of maintaining a healthy balance between the two.
  7. Vacation, Vacation, Vacation! Make sure to take breaks that are longer than the weekend. Studies show that time away from work can make you more productive and less stressed overall. Take advantage of the time off when you can.
  8. Don’t be too Hard on Yourself. You are going to slip both ways between too much work and too much play. Don’t beat yourself up when this happens. It’s part of life, so just try and get back on track.

The keywords here are balance and boundaries. If you set these goals and attempt to stick to them, you will be successful in maintaining a balanced life.


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