Forbidden love. That’s not always the case; nowadays, companies are more likely to allow workplace relationships to occur within good reason. Romance in the workplace can be tricky depending on status, proximity, and so many other factors. Let’s take a look at six tips on navigating relationships.

  1. Ensure Mutal Interest. Before you dive into pursuing a co-worker, make sure to gauge their interest. It is essential to be honest, and upfront. Do not pressure anyone, and do not feel pressured to date if you do not want to. If pressure is involved, the situation is automatically toxic.
  2. Consult the Rules. Each organization will have its own set of “relationship regulations” that are to be followed. Before even thinking of pursuing a relationship, check the guidelines. These will most likely be found in an Employee Handbook or can be addressed by HR.
  3. Plan for the Worst. If you are aware of the worst possible outcome of a workplace relationship ahead of time, you can begin solving the problem before it starts. Dating in the workplace involves risks, and it’s important to know if the risk is worth the reward.
  4. Work Together on Announcing the News. You’ve gone ahead and started a relationship with a co-worker you are interested in; now it’s time to tell the work gang. You need to be on the same page about how you approach telling others. This is the first step in your relationship, and you need to be a united front.
  5. Don’t Let it Affect Job Performance. This might be the most critical piece to remember. Your job is how you make money to live your life; be mindful of times when a relationship might affect your performance at work. Try to address relationship issues off the clock and stick to being successful at your position while at work.
  6. In the End, Be Professional. If, unfortunately, the relationship ends, it is vital to remain professional while at work. You might be hurt. They may date someone else. You need to leave drama out of the workplace and focus solely on your job. Before you even begin the relationship, be aware of this as a possible end.

Workplace romances are certainly a risk, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t the possibility for them to succeed. Follow these basic tips to make your experience in workplace romances a pleasant one.


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