You’re brand new, and you want to start your new job off with a good relationship with your boss. Making this a strong relationship will help you both do a great job moving forward. Here are some ways to make a good impression on your new boss:

  1. Be Respectful. The relationship between boss and employee is a professional one and should be treated as such. Starting with mutual respect is a must-do.
  2. Be Proactive. Don’t sit around waiting to be told what to do; take the initiative and completed the task you know needs to be done BEFORE you are told.
  3. Know Your Job. It seems pretty simple but can be more complicated than you think.
  4. Be Responsible. Being accountable and taking responsibility for your work or lack thereof is very important. If your boss can’t rely on you to take ownership to complete a project, or when you make a mistake, how can they ever trust you?
  5. Earn Trust and Appreciation. Speaking of trust, you aren’t likely to gain someone’s trust on the first day, but you can earn it with time. Be consistent and helpful to let your boss know, they can rely on you. Once they earn their trust, they will have an appreciation for the work you do.
  6. Be Open-Minded to Change. When working for an organization, you have to keep an open mind to many things, including change. Change can be challenging for many people but know that with change also comes growth. Showing your boss, you are willing to grow and learn will undoubtedly be a plus in their book.
  7. Learn About Your Boss and Let Them Learn About You. Although a professional relationship, it is good to get to know each other to learn how to best work together. Get familiar with who your boss is as a person but remember to keep the relationship about business.

First impressions are important but remember they aren’t everything. Be yourself on your first day. Put in quality work. And be respectful, and you’ll always make a good impression.