Chances are that you have attended a conference of some sort related to work. Conferences are a great place to network and learn. It is also important to remember that you are participating on behalf of your company, so you want to make a good impression. Here are a few suggestions to follow to establish good conference etiquette:

  • Be On Time. If a speaker has already started their lecture and you are sneaking in the back, you may have already missed some good information. Get up early and start your day prepared.
  • Proper Attire. Dress appropriately for the conference you are attending. If you are a contractor attending a painting conference, more than likely, the dress will be very casual. If you are attending an accounting conference, you will probably need to be dressed in business attire. Just make sure to look your best.
  • Don’t Forget the Business Cards. Business cards are one of your greatest tools when it comes to networking at a conference. On top of business cards, bring something to keep the business cards you receive.
  • Plan Ahead. Knowing the sessions, you would like to attend ahead of time can be very helpful. Find out the Wi-Fi password, get a map, and know when mealtimes are scheduled. This will help to ensure you get to where you are going on time and get you energized for the day.
  • Be respectful. Everyone is at the conference to better their business. Be respectful of people’s time. There might be bad blood between some companies; it’s best to stay out of the gossip and stick to positive conversations. Don’t forget that conferences have many people, and it’s easy to get into someone’s personal space. Be aware of others and your surroundings.

When following these suggestions, you can stay more relaxed and put your best foot forward when it comes to networking and learning.


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