You’ve started work at a new company and gone through initial training. You gathered information from your training but are still missing some key information to help you perform your job properly. You need more training. There is professional training available to all types of professions outside of your company that can help to make you a better employee. Here are a couple of ways to prepare yourself to ask for more training:

  • State the benefits. Make a list of all the ways this training will benefit you as an employee and benefit the company. Employers love to hear about how their employees can better the company.
  • Have questions. Ask your employer questions about up-to-date techniques and the future of the company. Obtaining knowledge on how the company plans to move forward in the future can help your pitch about why training is essential to reaching those goals.
  • Share the wealth of knowledge. When you return from training, share your newly-found knowledge with others, especially your team.
  • Estimate costs. Make sure to have all the detailed information about cost, time, and such ready to present to your employer. The more prepared you are, the better your chances are to be approved for more training.
  • Prepare documents. To show your employer that you are serious about training, provide documents outlining how this training will improve your work performance and benchmarks you plan on achieving with your new knowledge from training.

Training can be highly beneficial to your career and your company. Consider learning about training that happens yearly to ensure you are staying up-to-date on the new trends and ideas. Make sure to research “free” training and webinars to keep learning and growing at a low cost. Training can be wonderful, and having your company’s support is a big step forward on the road to success.