While the world tries to mend after 2020, college graduates are heading out into the workforce for the first time. Unfortunately, finding a job is usually stressful, and the weight of a recent pandemic makes this year even more stressful for college graduates. To help, here are some job searching tips to help get graduates started on the right foot:

  • Internships-One of the best ways to step into the business world is with an internship. Many colleges have programs that help students transition into internship programs. While some internships are unpaid, it is the experience to add to your resume that is the most significant benefit of an internship.
  • Networking-College is a great place to start networking. Other students with similar business goals can be a part of groups that cater to the needs of those students. Getting familiar with others and their connections can be a great start to finding the right company for you.
  • Career Fairs-Now that in-person events are happening again, career fairs are back. Attending a career fair allows you to meet and network with many different companies looking for entry-level employees, just like you. Some career fairs are online, which is great, but might not allow for the quality face-to-face time you can receive at an in-person career fair. Gather as many business cards from company representatives as possible to allow yourself options. Make sure to bring copies of your resume to give to potential employers.
  • Alumni Network– At most colleges, you are enrolled in an Alumni Network Group once you graduate. The alumni in this group are great connections because many graduated many years ago, and some may even own their own companies. Take full advantage of this group.
  • Online Searching– There are many jobs online for entry-level positions. Although there are many possibilities, the search can be daunting. Check with the career office at your college to see if they can help narrow your search or have tips on the best ways to search in your field. If you are without help, use filters on the job site to find the job best suited for you.

Make sure to use the tools provided by your college when searching for your first job! They are there to help you in this next stage of your life.