The business world is becoming more and more casual. While dress codes may become more relaxed and work from home days are more frequent, that does not mean your written communication should become completely causal. Here are some tips to remember when writing emails:

  • Emails will be saved. This is the first thing to remember when it comes to keeping your email business-focused. Many people will save emails and return to them for future conversations. If your writing is horrible or your content doesn’t make sense, this will reflect poorly on you and your work.
  • Avoid “texting” accronyms, words, and punctuation. Causal accronyms such as “ROFL” (Rolling on floor laughing) have no place in a business email. When many people text, they don’t always use complete sentences or punctuation. A professional business email is not the same as a text (even if it is done on your phone).
  • Have a clear subject line. Work can be a busy place, and reading/responding to emails can take up a significant chunk of the day. When sending an email, make sure the subject line clearly states the intent of your message so the receiver can quickly respond accordingly. On another note, make sure to change the subject line when discussing a new topic; many people forget.
  • Don’t forget the attachment. Nowadays, if you use the word “attach” in the text of your email, most email services will ask, “do you have an attachment?’ before sending. This isn’t always the case, so make a note to remember the attachment; it saves time and frustration.
  • Edit before sending. This might not be an article or paper, but it is a professional piece of writing, make sure to read over your emails before you send them.
  • Have a clean, professional signature. Having a nice signature shows that you care about how you present yourself. Don’t forget to add a signature for emails that come from your phone as well.

Many rules in business are becoming less strict, but if you continue to keep your writing clear and well-written, you will always stay ahead of the pack.


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