It’s no surprise that 2020 and 2021 were years of ever-changing circumstances for many people and businesses. Flexibility is key but establishing yearly goals is essential too. Here are some ways to set goals for the new year while remaining aware that change can occur:

  1. Begin with clear actions-Many people fail because there is no “action” to their resolutions. A resolution like “lose weight” doesn’t have a clear way to lose the weight. Without action, nothing gets done. Make sure your goals have a plan of action with each one.
  2. Keep your list short and attainable– While it’s great to “reach for the stars,” research shows that having an extensive list of goals or unrealistic goals can make achieving them nearly impossible. Keep your list short to enable you to focus on the task at hand. Make sure the goals are actually possible to do in the time frame allotted.
  3. Have goals for business and personal– To grow professionally, it always helps to be growing as a person. Have goals related to different areas of your life to keep a steady balance.
  4. Measure your goals– Have a system to measure your goals. Keep track on a calendar, write a daily journal, or set time limits to goals. This will help you see progress and move forward in your goals.
  5. Be accountable– Tell a friend your goals and have them check in on you. It’s harder to ignore when you know someone else is watching.
  6. Display your goals– Keep your goals in a place where you can see them every day. Being reminded of what you are working towards is an integral part of the journey.

Remember, things can and will change. Be flexible and readjust your goals accordingly. Have fun and make the year your own! Happy 2022!