Why Outsource?

Staffing Services
As you evaluate your staffing needs for different components of your operations, the need may arise to consider the advantages of outsourcing your IT or Accounting resources. When done for the right reasons, outsourcing may actually help the business operation to grow and save on costs. There are other advantages that go well beyond cost saving.

PSR Staffing Services recruits top-notch IT and Accounting / Finance talent for our clients.

We enable their current recruiting function to grow based on demand without the investment in a permanent recruiting resource. We will perform an in-depth assessment of your environment and integrate our process with any existing process or tools that you may have in order to work with your organization seamlessly.

We screen, background check, test, and interview candidates using your criteria, then match the candidates to your specified requirements. Presentation for consideration occurs only after the candidate has successfully completed the Talent Match Process. Fees are paid contingent upon our delivery of a successful match and are based upon the hourly rate determined by experience and service level agreed upon.

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