The Five Steps of TMP

  1. Candidates are matched to specific job order by entering job requirements into Talent Match Process and then matching candidates to required skills and desired skills. A list of candidates is then generated.
  2. Once the list of candidates is generated an Online Skills Test is taken by each candidate.
  3. If the candidate passes the Online Skills Test, an interview is scheduled with the appropriate Program Manager. Additional meetings may be scheduled (online or in person) based upon the clients’ requirements and/or PSR’s previous experience with the candidate.
  4. All factors (required skills, desired skills, technical expertise, and communication skills) are calculated and an overall Talent Match Rating is determined.
  5. Candidates meeting or exceeding the required rating are submitted to the client for review.

PSR Associates, Inc. your Talent Acquisition finally made easy.

PSR’s strength lies in our people. Our Management team has over 75 years experience in the IT marketplace and understands the dynamic challenges our clients face to find the best talent. Each client is partnered with a PSR Account Manager as a dedicated, single point of contact to work as an extension of your team to insure clear and quick communication.

Talent Match Process

At PSR Associates, we provide our clients with a proven methodology for procuring talent. Once we have identified and validated our clients requirements we develop a comprehensive and customized suite of recruiting and staffing solutions.

We then utilize our Talent Match Process (TMP) which manages requests, generates a pool of qualified candidates based on the mutually agreed upon criteria and delivers a scorecard, or Talent Match Rating, for each candidate.

The figure above is a graphical representation of the Talent Match Rating created during the TPM process.

Through our Quality Controls process, the PSR Account Manager assigned to the client validates each candidate by conducting a thorough interview prior to submission to the hiring manager for consideration.

Operating as an extended arm of our your internal recruiting organization, PSR will provide a flexible and adaptable framework for team communication based on metrics including; cycle time to hire, interview to hire ratio, diversity of applicant flow, cost per hire and client and new hire satisfaction.