Other Services

Since our firm not only provides Staffing Services but also includes a Professional Services arm in which our consultants work closely with our customers throughout the full lifecycle of a project, our culture is one of partnership, as opposed to body shopping.

It is very important to our firm that we are able to spend time with our customer to understand what the goals and objectives surrounding their initiatives are so that we may provide them with the correct model, and then appropriate resources to meet their needs.

At PSR Associates, we know that not all clients engage in the same manner.

When it comes to Staffing Services there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Therefore, we have a number of recruiting solutions from which our clients can choose. What works best for your operation? How would you like to structure your engagement with PSR? You decide!

Recruiting Solutions

Traditional Talent Search

PSR provides an avenue for our clients to procure long-term and permanent resources without the guesswork. We offer our clients clear timelines and a structured approach to ensure successful talent acquisition.

This is accomplished by our Talent Match Process which is a proprietary process developed to reach the right resources for your needs. We screen, background check, test, and interview with your criteria, then match the candidates to your specific needs. Presentation for consideration happens only after they pass our test. Fees are paid contingent on our delivering a successful match.

Contract Recruiting Support

PSR delivers topnotch technical recruiting talent to our clients enabling their current recruiting function to grow based on demand without the investment in a permanent resource.

We perform an in-depth assessment of our client’s environment to ensure a proper match with our trained professionals. PSR can provide on-site or off-site recruiting support available from two months to one year terms. Services are rendered on an hourly basis with the rate determined by experience and service level agreed upon. Please go to the IT Staffing Services page for examples of some of our areas of focus.

On-Site Recruting Program

PSR provides a dedicated on-site recruiting consultant to work directly with your hiring managers and HR professionals. Our consultants will work exclusively with your team to deliver results.

This relationship is backed by our Talent Center providing a steady flow of pre-qualified candidates based on the established criteria. PSR’s On-Site model can be tailored to meet your specific needs from a single consultant to several consultants for multiple projects or locations. You retain control over your strategic hiring and increase internal resources creating the perfect blend of process control, guaranteed quality and reduced costs.

Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO)

RPO allows companies to focus on their core competency, which is developing and/or delivering the products and services that it offers, just as PSR specializes in recruitment.

RPO allows companies to eliminate the fixed expense of a recruitment infrastructure, a benefit that is particularly appealing if their personnel requirements, like those of most employers, are variable. Companies are no longer required to train and compensate in-house recruiters and support staff and, more importantly, to deploy and maintain the requisite technology. The latter is especially advantageous when you consider how quickly systems and software become obsolete. Candidate cycle- time and cost-per-hire are also reduced by virtue of PSR’s deep understanding of what works and what doesn’t. While perhaps less dramatic than the expenses cited above, these costs also have a significant impact on an organization’s bottom line.